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2016.05.13        A World in Transformation: Conflict and Development

2015.10.31        7th Annual Conference on Development Studies: In/justice

2015.10.21        2015 Taiwan International Symposium on Regional Security and Transnational Crime

2015.05.28        International Symposium on International Security (Keynote Speaker: Dr. Huseyin BAGCI)

2014.10.25        Graduate Students’ Conference in College of International Affairs



2016.05.25        Chinese Development in Africa (Speaker: Dr. Chen-Shen, YEN)

2016.05.25        Civil Society in Slums: from Grassroots to International Perspectives (Speaker: Dr. Celine D’Cruz)

2016.05.25        Accidental State: Chiang Kai-shek, the United States, and the Making of Taiwan (Speaker: Dr. Hsiao-Ting, LIN)

2016.05.24        American Foreign Policy: Interests versus Values (Speaker: Dr. Judith Norton)

2016.05.12        China’s Latin American Policy (Speaker: Dr. Yu-Chih, KO)

2016.05.05        Energy Security in Central Asia (Speaker: Dr. Stacy Closson)

2016.05.04        A Quantitative Analysis of Energy Efficiency: Implications for Climate Change (Speaker: Wen-Chi Yang, Ph.D. Candidate)

2016.05.03        Africa, Energy and International Relations (Speaker: Dr. Kennedy G. Ondieki)

2016.03.23        Global Trade, Law and Health (Speaker: Dr. Feng-Jen TSAI)

2016.03.16        Global Policy and Law in Infectious Disease Control (Speaker: Dr. Feng-Jen TSAI)

2015.11.19        Post-positivist Approaches to IR: Ontology, Epistemology, and Methodology (Speaker: Dr. Chin-Kuei TSUI)

2015.11.07        International Humanitarian Assistance: Frameworks and Cases (Speaker: Regine, LIU, Programme Officer, Humanitarian Assistance Department, ICDF)

2015.10.30        Providing for the Poor: Social Assistance and Fragmentation in the People’s Republic of China (Speaker: Dr. Daniel Robert Hammond)

2015.10.22        Why Cooperate? Indonesia and Cooperation to Address Armed Robbery against Ships in Southeast Asia (Speaker: Dr. Senia Fabrica)

2015.07.20        The Geopolitics of Taiwan and Asia (Speaker: Dr. Ji-Chung WU)

2015.07.06        The Russian Far East: Far from Moscow, Close to Asia (Speaker: Dr. Olga Y. ADAMS)

2015.06.09        Constructing the Israel-Palestine Conflict and the Peace Process (Speaker: Dr. Shih-Yu CHOU)

2015.05.26        The Ombusdsman Institution in Europe and in Hungary (Speaker: Dr. Szabo Mate)

2015.05.26        Chinese-Russian Relations and World Order (Speaker: Dr. Paul J. Bolt)

2015.03.17        China's Security Policy under Xi Jinping (Speaker: Dr. Ming-Yen TSAI)

2014.11.25        The Role of the Slovak Republic within the EU and Central and Eastern European Region (Speaker: Dr. Katarina CSEFALVAYOVA)

2014.11.24        The Political and Economic Situation in Armenia (Speaker: Dr. Amalya BABAYAN)

2014.09.22        Mass Media and the Sino-Japanese Territorial Dispute (Speaker: Dr. Thomas Hollihan)



2016.04-06        Research Workshop: Academic Writing (Dr. Chia-Hsiung, CHIANG) & Qualitative Research (Dr. Shih-Hao, Kang)

2015.04-05        Academic Writing (Dr. Chia-Hsiung, CHIANG) & Qualitative Research (Dr. Shih-Hao, Kang)


Information Seminar

2014.11.24        2015 Geneva Study Programme

2014.12.22        2015/16 Admission


Students Activities

2015.12.18        End of Year Party at Le Blé d'Or

2015.09.14        4th Annual Orientation

2015.06.05        Farewell Party at Le Blé d'Or

2015.04.18        Spring Trip: National Center for Traditional Arts and Kavalan Whisky Distillery in Yilan

2014.12.18        End of Year Party at i-House

2014.11.22        ICDF TICA CUP Competition at NCU and Trip in XiTou (ICDF students only)

2014.10.17        Cultural Experience: Tea-tasting & Dinner at MaoKong

2014.09.15        3rd Annual Orientation

2013.09.13        2nd Annual Orientation

2013.06.21        Summer Trip: the Lin Family Mansion and Garden in BanQiao

2013.05.10        Spring trip: Yehliu (ICDF students only)

2013.03.27        Dinner party