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2019.10.24-25   International Conference on Changes in the Chinese Party-State in the Xi Jinping Era in Institute of International Relations
2019.10.07        Conference on Global Political Economic Development and Regional Studies: Mainland China, U.S. and Latin America in College of International Affairs

2016.05.13        A World in Transformation: Conflict and Development

2015.10.31        7th Annual Conference on Development Studies: Injustice

2015.10.21        2015 Taiwan International Symposium on Regional Security and Transnational Crime

2015.05.28        International Symposium on International Security (Keynote Speaker: Dr. Huseyin BAGCI)

2014.10.25        Graduate Students’ Conference in College of International Affairs



2021.05.13        U.S.-China Technology and Semiconductor Competition, the Role of Taiwan, and the Link Between Theories of International Political and Economic Relations (Speaker: Mr. Wu, Ling-Xiang)

2021.04.21       Visualizing Community: Nationalism, Democracy, and Civic Education in Taiwan and the PRC (Speaker: Dr. William Callahan)

2020.12.25        Great Power Politics and Climate Change (Speaker: Dr. George Yin)     

2020.12.18        Big Data amid COVID-19 (Speaker: Dr. Yu-Hsin)

2020.12.15        Why Turkey matters? (Speaker: Mr. Mubammed Berdibek)

2020.11.27        Visual Global Politics: How Chinese Views of the World Shape China's Worldview (Speakers: Dr. William Callahan)

2020.11.21        IMBA Career Seminar: Five Competencies Needed To Create Personal Success In the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Speakers: Mr. William Zyzo)

2020.11.18        Sustainability and the Biological Diversity: Clash Between the Environment and Renewable Energy (Speakers: Professor Cheng-Teh Chiu & Chairman Robin Winkler)

2020.06.18        U.S. Presidential Election Under the Cloud of Coronavirus (Speakers: Dr. Yen Chen Shen)

2020.05.12        Studying and Working in Guatemala (Speakers: Ambassador Willy Gomez)

2020.05.05        Battling the coronavirus: Western and Eastern Mindsets and their Political Repercussions (Speakers: Dr. Gunter Schubert)

2020.03.23- 2020.04.27        Energy Issues in the Caspian Sea Region (Speakers: Dr. Masaaki Kuboniwa)

2019.12.18       East Asia Regional Geopolitics and Geoeconomics (Speakers: Dr. Pavida Pananond & Dr. Thitinan Pongsudhirak)

2019.11.01       Introducing Southeast Asian (Media) Studies: From Novels in the 20th Centrury to New Media in the 21st Century (Speakers: Dr. Nobuto Yamamoto & Dr. Elizabeth Chandra)

2019.10.14       National Development Seminar- Development Assistance and International Development Series Sppech (1) (Speaker: Security General of ICDF, Mr. Timothy T.Y. Hsiang)

2019.09.17       AFR Public Speech- The Future of US Military Influence in East Asia (Speaker: Professor Robert L. Thomas, Jr.)

2018.11.20        Life as A Diplomat  (Speaker: Taiwanese Amb. Michel Lu )

2016.05.25        Chinese Development in Africa (Speaker: Dr. Chen-Shen, YEN)

2016.05.25        Civil Society in Slums: from Grassroots to International Perspectives (Speaker: Dr. Celine D’Cruz)

2016.05.25        Accidental State: Chiang Kai-shek, the United States, and the Making of Taiwan (Speaker: Dr. Hsiao-Ting, LIN)

2016.05.24        American Foreign Policy: Interests versus Values (Speaker: Dr. Judith Norton)

2016.05.12        China’s Latin American Policy (Speaker: Dr. Yu-Chih, KO)

2016.05.05        Energy Security in Central Asia (Speaker: Dr. Stacy Closson)

2016.05.04        A Quantitative Analysis of Energy Efficiency: Implications for Climate Change (Speaker: Wen-Chi Yang, Ph.D. Candidate)

2016.05.03        Africa, Energy and International Relations (Speaker: Dr. Kennedy G. Ondieki)

2016.03.23        Global Trade, Law and Health (Speaker: Dr. Feng-Jen TSAI)

2016.03.16        Global Policy and Law in Infectious Disease Control (Speaker: Dr. Feng-Jen TSAI)

2015.11.19        Post-positivist Approaches to IR: Ontology, Epistemology, and Methodology (Speaker: Dr. Chin-Kuei TSUI)

2015.11.07        International Humanitarian Assistance: Frameworks and Cases (Speaker: Regine, LIU, Programme Officer, Humanitarian Assistance Department, ICDF)

2015.10.30        Providing for the Poor: Social Assistance and Fragmentation in the People’s Republic of China (Speaker: Dr. Daniel Robert Hammond)

2015.10.22        Why Cooperate? Indonesia and Cooperation to Address Armed Robbery against Ships in Southeast Asia (Speaker: Dr. Senia Fabrica)

2015.07.20        The Geopolitics of Taiwan and Asia (Speaker: Dr. Ji-Chung WU)

2015.07.06        The Russian Far East: Far from Moscow, Close to Asia (Speaker: Dr. Olga Y. ADAMS)

2015.06.09        Constructing the Israel-Palestine Conflict and the Peace Process (Speaker: Dr. Shih-Yu CHOU)

2015.05.26        The Ombusdsman Institution in Europe and in Hungary (Speaker: Dr. Szabo Mate)

2015.05.26        Chinese-Russian Relations and World Order (Speaker: Dr. Paul J. Bolt)

2015.03.17        China's Security Policy under Xi Jinping (Speaker: Dr. Ming-Yen TSAI)

2014.11.25        The Role of the Slovak Republic within the EU and Central and Eastern European Region (Speaker: Dr. Katarina CSEFALVAYOVA)

2014.11.24        The Political and Economic Situation in Armenia (Speaker: Dr. Amalya BABAYAN)

2014.09.22        Mass Media and the Sino-Japanese Territorial Dispute (Speaker: Dr. Thomas Hollihan)



2016.04-06        Research Workshop: Academic Writing (Dr. Chia-Hsiung, CHIANG) & Qualitative Research (Dr. Shih-Hao, Kang)

2015.04-05        Academic Writing (Dr. Chia-Hsiung, CHIANG) & Qualitative Research (Dr. Shih-Hao, Kang)


Information Seminar

2014.11.24        2015 Geneva Study Programme

2014.12.22        2015/16 Admission


Students Activities

2020.11.23        Autumn One-Day Tour (Industrial Technology Research Institute- Hsinchu Du Cheng Huang Temple- Huko Hakka Cultural Park)

2020.11.18        Mentor Gathering

2020.09.14        Annual Orientation

2020.07.01        Summer One-Day Tour (The Grand Hotel- Pinxi Old Town- Shifen Waterfall)

2020.06.15        IMPIS Graduation Tassel-Turning Ceremony

2020.05.12        IMPIS Alumni Forum

2019.12.23        Christmas Dinner

2019.11.15-17        ICDF TICA Cup Competition and Trip in Hualien

2019.09.20        Chinese Calligraphy Class

2019.09.09        Annual Orientation

2019.07.31        Summer Gathering at BBQ Bar

2019.06.20        Farewell Party at Golden Fisher Chinese Restaurant

2018.12.21        End of Year Party at Next Door Cafe

2018.11.20       Thanksgiving Turkey and Pizza party


2015.12.18        End of Year Party at Le Blé d'Or

2015.09.14        4th Annual Orientation

2015.06.05        Farewell Party at Le Blé d'Or

2015.04.18        Spring Trip: National Center for Traditional Arts and Kavalan Whisky Distillery in Yilan

2014.12.18        End of Year Party at i-House

2014.11.22        ICDF TICA CUP Competition at NCU and Trip in XiTou (ICDF students only)

2014.10.17        Cultural Experience: Tea-tasting & Dinner at MaoKong

2014.09.15        3rd Annual Orientation

2013.09.13        2nd Annual Orientation

2013.06.21        Summer Trip: the Lin Family Mansion and Garden in BanQiao

2013.05.10        Spring trip: Yehliu (ICDF students only)

2013.03.27        Dinner party