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Entry Requirement

  1. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited college or university.

  2. Work experience in fields relevant to development or conflict management is preferable and highly evaluated. 



  1. For Taiwanese students:

 Further detail of application steps can be found on NCCU website.,r122.php?Lang=zh-tw

  2. For international students:

Admission for Fall 2021 is divided into 2 phases. The phase 2 admission period is from February 2, 2021 to March 19, 2021. Departments/programs/graduate institutions that are not available in phase 1 admission will be open for applications for phase 2 admission.


3. For ICDF scholarship applicants:

(Further information can be found in Taiwan ICDF Website)

Please follow the same procedure as “international students” listed above, and submit your application.

Tuition and Credit Fee

Check list of submission materials



 Check list of 
submission materials 



Completed NCCU application 
forms (Application checklist, address label, declaration, etc.)

generated by the online application system


Application fee receipt (remittance copy)

USD 60 or NTD 1600 via bank wire-transfer


One photocopy of passport

A photocopy of the inner page of your passport that indicates nationality.


One photocopy of the diploma of the highest academic degree

One notarized copy of the translation in English or Chinese is necessary if the original diploma is not in English or in Chinese and should be verified by a Republic of China embassy, Taiwan Overseas Representative Office or the equivalent agency in the applicants country or place of residence.


One original official transcript from the highest academic institution


A most recent 3-month account  balance certificate

An official bank statement (in Chinese or English) that indicates an account balance of more than NTD$200,000 (USD$6,500). The statement has to be issued by a financial institution and cannot be older than 3 months at the time of the application.

Scholarship Applicants may substitute a copy of your application form for the account balance certificate.


2 letters of recommendation  

From 2 different referees.


English autobiography (Personal statement)



English study plan (Research Objective)

Possible content:
why you choose our program, what do you expect to learn here, and what issue are you interested in for your thesis (if you already think of one).


Certification for English proficiency 

For whose native language is not English, you are required to demonstrate English proficiency and are required to provide one of the official score reports valid 2 years from the test date either via:

(iBT minimum 88; CBT minimum 230)

- IELTS (minimum 6.5)

- TOEIC (minimum 850)

- Or other evidence of English proficiency

Applicants who earned a Bachelor's or Master's degree from an institution where the language of instruction is English are exempt from submitting the proficiency score report (verification is required).


One photocopy of scholarship application form

If you have accepted or are applying for any scholarship (Taiwan Scholarship, ICDF Scholarship, etc.)