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Announcement Important [Share] NCCU Academic Excellence Scholarship for International Students”application information (spring 2022)
Announcement 〔Adjustment〕Degree Examination and Leave-school Procedure
Announcement An Instruction for students with positive rapid test result
Announcement [Announcement] Starting May 11, all courses this semester will conduct a two-week remote teaching drill
Announcement [Share/Speech] Spain-The country with a perfect combination of tradition, gastronomy, and good weather
Announcement 【講座分享】‘In times of war, the law falls silent’? How international law prevents mass atrocities and brings justice to the gravest crimes 
Announcement [Share] Asian Prospective Lectures
Announcement Hot [Canceled] Registration of Tassel Turning Ceremony and University Graduation Ceremony
Announcement 【轉發】 “Economic and Social Impact of Engagement with Taiwan and China” Online Workshop
Announcement NCCU CIA International Exchange Program Application Fall Semester 2022
Announcement [Share/internship] TCA International Student Training & Internship program
Announcement 〔Lecture〕China As a Driver of a Post-Western Global Imaginary
Announcement 〔Forum〕Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Where is the Benefit after all? The Past and Future of Globalization
Announcement [Activity] G.G.C Recruitment Orientation April 11th
Announcement [Speech] Is Doing a PhD in Taiwan a Good Idea? by Dr. Raoul Bunskoek on May 28 at 12:30PM
Announcement [Speech] IMPIS Talk Series: Environment on May 21 & 25
Announcement [Gallery] ICDF awardee participated in 2018 Taiwan International Cooperation Forum on Higher Education on April 20
Announcement [Speech] Sino-US Rivalry as Game of Weiqi: the Analysis of Role Relations on April 18 (Wed) at 1230-1400
Announcement [Speech] The Relation Between Taiwan and Indonesia on April 16, at 3:00PM
Announcement [Speech] The Construction of the Ocean by the State of the ROC in Contemporary Taiwan on Monday, April 2, at 12:30PM