[Activity] 2017 IMPIS Orientation starts on Monday, Sep 11, at 10:30Am

  • 2017-09-01
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2017 IMPIS Orientation
Time: 9/11(Mon) 10:30 AM
Venue: Room 271112 (General Building N. Wing 11F)

Dear IMPIS new students,
Welcome to IMPIS program! This is the IMPIS program manager Chafie. I hope everyone has get ready for school and a new start in Taiwan. If not, the 2017 IMPIS Orientation will help you to get the right frame of mind! It will be held on September 11, Monday, at 10:30am. You will meet your classmates and professors, and get information about IMPIS regulations.
We will prepare light refreshments, so if you have any dietary requirements (ex. vegetarian, no beef, no seafood...), please let the IMPIS manager know in advance.
We will take a polaroid of each new student and display it on the wall in IMPIS office for the following two years. So, please make sure you dressed as nicely as how you want to be shown on our student wall.