[Canceled] Registration of Tassel Turning Ceremony and University Graduation Ceremony

  • 2022-04-27
  • impis
Here is some information about the Graduation Ceremony to share with you.
The graduation ceremony is going to be held on May 28th (Sat.) this year. There will be two ceremonies. The Tassel Turning Ceremony is from the College of International Affairs in the morning and the other one is the graduation ceremony from the university in the afternoon.
   Tassel Turning Ceremony  University Graduation Ceremony
 Time  May 28th Morning
 09:40 - 11:00 (approximately)
 May 28th Afternoon
 13:30 - 15:10 (approximately)
 Live link  To be updated soon.  https://www.facebook.com/NCCUstudentactivite
 To sign up for the attendance (for graduates)  https://forms.gle/x6GztYqtyzPKjVEr9
 Register Deadline: May 5th
 Register Deadline: May 1st
If your family is going to drive to the campus and participate in the Graduation Ceremony, please register the license at the plate (車牌) at the following link. 
People who register their license plate could park their car on campus without a parking fee on May 28th:
https://reurl.cc/3jgL2l (Register Deadline: May 10th)
※Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the university and the college will follow all the guidance from the Taiwan CDC and the Ministry of Education. Therefore, we will keep updating information if there is any modification to the ceremony.
Congratulations and stay safe!!