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Here to download 2021/22 IMPIS CurriculumCourse Checklist & Plan, Thesis Writing Journey

There are 2 parts to the curriculum:
(1) Core courses
(2) Elective courses
(1) Core courses (9 credits)
Every IMPIS students must complete these courses.
Course Titles Credits
International Relations Theory 3
International Political Economy 3
Research Methods 3
(2) Elective courses (21 credit)
To help students better figure out the properties of many relevant graduate-level courses offered at NCCU, here is a list of possible elective courses. Not all these courses are offered by IMPIS, neither can they be seen as a substitute for the above track required courses.
I.International Cooperation Development
Course Titles Credits
Human Rights, Humanitarian and State Sovereignty  3
International Environment & Health 3
Population, Migration & Development 3
Poverty, Inequality & Development  3
Science, Technology & Energy 3
Topic in International Cooperation – Issues of Agriculture, Economics & Trade. 3
Topic in International Cooperation - International NGOs & Development 3
Gender, Development & Globalization 3
Democratization & Good Governance 3
Debates on Globalization 3
International Organizations 3
Post-Communist Democratization 3
China and Economic Integration in Asia 3
II. International strategic management
Course Titles Credits
Cross Cultural Communication & Negotiation 3
Strategic Communication & Cultural Diplomacy  3
Topics on International Security 3
Conflict Management  3
Crisis Management 3
Ethnic Conflicts &Terrorism  3
Seminar in International Risk Analysis and Management 3
Russian Foreign Policy 3
International Relations of Northeast Asia 3
International Relations of Southeast Asia 3
International Relations and  Political Philosophy 3

Course list could be revised or changed without advanced notice. Go tosystem for course schedulefor the latest course schedule.